Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brigham's First Day of School!

I have not updated my blog for a while because my camera broke and I haven't been able to take pictures!!! Such a bummer. So I went and bought film for my 35mm camera and am waiting to get my picture back from Walmart. I'll post all my cute pictures in a couple of days.

Well, I didn't want to forget all the cute things that Brigham said today about his first day at school so I am going to write about it before I get the pictures posted. Last night for family home evening we had a lesson about Priesthood Blessings and then Mike gave each of the boys a Fathers Blessing before they started school(Joseph starts preschool next week). They were adorable!! They were both so excited and they sat reverently with their arms folded and eyes closed. We told them to really pay attention to how they were feeling during the blessing. When we asked Brigham how he felt he said "It was like I was playing baseball", which if you know Brigham you know that is one of the greatest feelings in the world. So we told Brigham that big kids that go to school have to go to bed at 8:30. He usually cries when we tell him it's time to go to bed, but he jumped up, got his jammies on, hopped in bed and fell right to sleep. It was nice because Joseph will usually follow Brigham's lead so Mike and I had a nice quiet evening.

Usually when I try to wake up Brigham it is like waking a bear in hibernation, but not today. I walked into his room and said "Brigham it's time for school" and he jumped right up , made his bed and dressed himself. We had breakfast, loaded up Paul and Joseph into my jogging stroller and walked to school. Some of Brigham's friends were already playing on the playground and he joined them until the bell rang. He ran straight into his classroom without even looking to see where I was or say good bye ( hope he is always this eager to go to school and learn!). All the parents went into the classroom with the kids for a 10 minute orientation. During the orientation they started talking about the dress code. She said all the normal stuff...no sandals, nothing bearing the midriff, they should wear comfortable clothes and they are not allowed to have temporary tattoos. Just then I see Brigham put his arm under the table and start to squirm in his chair a bit. I didn't really think anything of it until the teacher was done talking and she told all the kids to give their parents a hug and a kiss. Brigham didn't want to get out of his chair.....and just then I remembered that our sweet little old neighbor bought the boys tattoos! I normally don't let them wear them because I don't want them to think it is cool to have a tattoo, but our neighbor was so excited to give them to the boys and I didn't want to embarrass her. So I went over to Brigham and asked him in his ear if he was nervous about his tattoo. He nodded his head and I told him that since it was the first day the teachers wouldn't send him to the office to have it taken off. Just then I had to run after Paul and when I came back I thought I'd mention to the teacher that he was nervous about it. When I started to tell her the situation she said " oh it's OK he already talked to me about it". I thought it was so cute that he told on himself because he thought he would get in trouble if he got caught. I could tell he felt much better so I gave him a kiss and I left. No, I did not cry!

When I picked him up from school I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he pulled out this cute little cut-out of his hand print with a heart on it and this poem. He said "my favorite part was when I made this for you, now when I'm at school and you miss me you can just put my hand to your cheek and it will be like I'm there"......Yes, then I started to cry!
If you can't read the poem, click on it to enlarge it.

I am so proud of Brigham for being so independent and having such a great attitude about everything. He is so optimistic and eager to experience life! Brigham is definitely the kid that would suggest making lemonade if he were given lemons :)!! He is a great friend to everyone he meets and is such a great example for his little brothers. Joseph and Paul look up to him so much and I think that, even at the age of 5 years old, Brigham takes that responsibility very seriously. I love him so much and am grateful to have him in our family. I have been blessed with 3 perfect, handsome little boys (I know I'm bias) and a wonderful husband who loves us....I love my life!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Davis Family Reunion

Here are some pictures of the Davis Family Reunion Up in the canyon of Hobble Creek, Utah. We had a great time camping and visiting with family we haven't seen in a while.

Brigham and Joseph had such a great
time painting their hands and making
these shirt. What a cute idea huh!

Caught yellow handed!

Paul and Grandpa Davis.
We were really trying to get
Paul to cooperate..but he sure
looks cute in his shirt now!

Another fun activity! They had
the material from a hot air balloon
and all the kids were playing
fun games with it.

Brigham especially loved this
part of the reunion.

Paul had fun going underneath
the balloon.

And Joseph's favorite part was
the gigantic bouncy ball!

Overall we had a really great time!

A Fun Slideshow