Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Ben

Here are some pictures of our sweet little Ben in this first 4 weeks of his life! We are so loving him and I am loving having a newborn to snuggle! Kristen this is for you ~ thanks for being so excited about my baby! Hope you all enjoy our pictures!

Monday, October 20, 2008

September Recap

Paul at the fair

Brigham had his first field trip to the LA County fair and I had a total panic attack about someone snatching him, so what did I do??? I stalked his class! I wanted to be a chaperon but I was too prego and I had Paul. I told my mom I was going and she insisted on going with me (thanks mom) so she got up at 6:30 am and drove down to meet me. While we were there we got some cute pictures of Paul. He had a blast, my panic attack worked out great for him :) This was about 1 week before the baby was born.

My kids are so lucky to have such a fun grandma!

Paul with the goats - he loved them!

Feeding the goats....

riding the tractor...

me at the end of the day =)

Friends Shower

I have such great friends where I live! They planned a "girls night out" and surprised me with a baby shower! You guys are great! I love you!

Top L to R : Melissa, Sue
Bottom L to R : Elise, Jennifer, Me, Mom, Amber,
Heather and Kendra.

I got some pretty cute stuff!

This was the same day as the so I talked my
mom into coming along.

Heather and Kendra

Yeah... Heather and Amber were having lots of fun with the
camera!! Thanks again!!!

Fishing with Chad & Heather

On September 19 & 20 Chad and Heather invited us to go to Big Bear to go fishing with them. They got us a super sweet deal at their timeshare so we stayed the night and got up early to go fishing! It was so much fun! The kids had a blast with their cousins an it was nice to spend some time with Chad and Heather and my dad and mom. I think this might have been what put me into labor because I started having contractions the next day.

Me, Heather and Grandma on the boat with the kids.

Grant caught the first fish!! He was so cute!
All the kids (except Drew)

Chad's cute little family...thanks for the fun weekend!

He's Finally Here!

Benjamin was born September 22 nd at 7:42 pm. I already did a post about his birth so if you missed it scroll down.

In the hospital...my sweet baby boy.

So Sweet! Mike and Benjamin.

Grandma brought the boys to meet there new
baby brother. They love him!!

Our 9 year Anniversary

Our anniversary was 2 days after the baby was born so we decided to celebrate by going to lunch at The Corner Bakery. I was supposed to plan our anniversary this year but just got a little busy =)

I love the Corner Bakery! I always get the
Chicken Pommadori. If you haven't had it go get
it now! We had such a good time. Paul and little
Ben were so well behaved. I guess that was their
little anniversary gift to us!

I bought the cake at the restaurant, took the apple
cider and glasses the hospital gave us and the flowers
my parents brought and had a sweet little dessert with
my sweetheart =)

I Love My Family

I have the best family! My mom, sister, sisters in law and cousins had a shower for me at Olive Garden. Katie planned it (thanks Katie) before I had the baby but when he came 2 weeks early we had to push it back. It was alot of fun and I got some great stuff! It was nice to have the baby there for everyone to see :)

L to R : Sierra, Susan, David, Jackie, Katie, Autumn, Me, baby Ben
and Gina, Kimberly, Mom.

L to R: Kristen, Jaime, Sidney, Amber, Heather.

More really cute stuff!!
So that was pretty much my month of September in a nutshell!! Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got this little video of Paul today. I was watching the kids while Summer went to the store and I lost track of Paul for a minute. I was looking all over the house and then went out back to find him. I called out his name and his little head popped out of the top of this tree and said "What!" He promptly came back down so I made him climb back up so I could get it on camera. Some of you moms with weak stomachs might want to look away. Anyway, for your enjoyment.

A Fun Slideshow