Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Benjamin is Here!

We are so excited to announce that Benjamin Michael Davis was born Monday September 22 ( 2 weeks early). He weighed only 6 lb 4 oz, our smallest baby yet! It was BY FAR my easiest delivery. We were admitted to the hospital at 3:00pm and he was born at 7:42pm. He is such a sweet baby and his brothers absolutely adore him! Paul is still warming up to him so as soon as we have pics with him we'll post them! =D

I know some of you are wondering what the heck happened to Luke or Porter right?? Well we decided that since neither one of us wanted the others choice we would decide on something we both really liked....Benjamin! We'll probably use Luke or Porter the next time around, but they just didn't feel right this time. We actually decided on his name when they admitted us into the hospital 3 hours before he was born!

We'll post more pictures soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Girls weekend!!!

For the last 2 years I have planned a "girls weekend" with my sister, sisters in law, my mom and all my Cali cousins. This year was sooooo much fun! We stayed at Todd and Kristen's house and I hired 2 message therapists and an was heaven!! We all got facials ad messages, we sat in the hot tub and gabbed and ordered Olive Garden for dinner, YUMMM! We all brought our "favorite things" and shared them with each other so we got to leave with a nice goody bag full of fun stuff! We stayed up chatting till 3:30 am, got up and had a delicious breakfast, got dressed and headed out for shopping, movies and dinner! Everyone needs a fun getaway like this! I felt so rejuvenated when I got home! It was so nice to have this relaxing getaway before the baby comes! Thanks to my family for coming and making this such a fun weekend! I love you guys! And thanks to all our wonderful hubbies for watching the kids so we could have our "time out".

This is our Saturday Group Shot

Friday Night Hot tubbin"!
(back row L to R: Miriam, Kim W., Autumn, Amber
Aunt Barbara, Me. Front Row L to R : Erin, Susan,
Tanja, Jaime, Katie, Bettie, Emily)

Autumn was brave and went off the
slide head first!

After "Our Favorite Things"! We loved our
goodie bags! Heather did a great job making
bags for our stuff and folders for our favorite
things papers!

Yes these are my ugly, nasty, SWOLLEN
feet! I push on them and they indent like
this! I can't wait to have this baby so I
can have my feet back!

Some of the girls at breakfast.

At the movies! We went to see "The Women".

The Rabb/Barney group (Gina, Jenny, Susan)

The Thompson Group (back: Jaime, Kristen
Front: Heather, mom, me)

The Waldron group (L to R : Amber, Kim, Autumn,
Emily, Katie)

More pictures to come!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Twilight Movie

Oh My Gosh! I finally finished the Twilight Series and I loved it!! I finished Breaking Dawn this evening and now I can't wait for the movies to come out!!! I know Twilight comes out November 21st so if anyone wants to go with me let me know we can make it a party!! If you haven't read these books yet you are seriously missing out. I am not a reader, but these books have made me excited to read. I think the last novel I read was in High School and I just read all 4 books in about a month. I highly recommend you read them and then come with me to see the movie!!! You can watch the preview right here, just click on the "videos" link, but don't watch the preview unless you have read the book!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We need your help....

OK so we are having a hard time deciding what to name this baby and he is going to be here really soon so could you all help us please!!! I posted a poll just under the little baby widget on the right side of our blog. Let us know which name you like. It's totally confidential so we won't even know you don't like our son's name if we decide on the one you did not vote for! Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we decided to meet my parents up in Big Bear, spend the night with them in their travel trailer and get up early Saturday morning for some fishing. We rented a Pontoon boat and took the boys out. They had soooooo much fun as you will see from this slide show. We caught so many fish! We had a blast! There are about 30 pictures so it's kind of long but there are some cute pictures of them catching fish!! On Labor Day we decided to go swimming at uncle Lee's house then we went to see the movie "Fly me to the moon". It was 3D and the boys really enjoyed it. Then we got some ice cream at Coldstone before heading home. What a great weekend!

First Day of School!

So this year Brigham started 1st grade and Joseph started Kindergarden! I think they are the most handsome boys in the whole school, but I'm not prejudice or anything! They are both really loving their teachers and there classmates. I asked them both what their favorite thing about school was, Brig said playing on the big playground and Joseph said going to the same school as Brig! I was really worried about how Joseph would do because he just didn't seem as ready as Brig did last year, but he has done great! We were so excited because he got the same teacher's Brig had last year and we just loved them!!! A perfect fit for Joseph, they are both sweet and bubbly which is exactly the type of person that motivates him. Brig also got an amazing teacher and has alot of the same kids in his class as last year. Here are some pictures.

Brig's 1st day of 1st grade!

Joseph's 1st day of Kindergarden!

Paul wanted his picture taken too! It
was so funny because he just walked
up like it was his turn after Joseph and
said CHEESE! Mike and I were laughing!
He thinks he's such a big boy!

Joseph at his desk.

Paul wanted to say goodbye before we left.

Joseph's teacher's Mrs. Manhire on the left and
Mrs. Jacobsen on the right. They are such great
teachers! And of course Paul had to be in the picture!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pregnancy Pictures

OK so I know I am so crazy for posting pregnancy pictures on my blog because everybody hates to see themselves huge like this and I am no exception, but I think it is important to document this kind of stuff! Call me crazy! I think it's because I am the youngest and I have never seen a picture of my own mom pregnant and always thought it would be neat to see. I have tried to take a picture during every this is the latest. This was after church one day and Brigham and Joseph were begging me to let them take a picture with the camera so I decided to let them, they did pretty good for being 5 and 6. These were the better ones, I have a few of my legs or butt you know the ones I'll never post and need to erase! Anyway enjoy looking at me as a fatty now cause I only have 34 more days and them I am going to kick my own butt into shape!! I like being pregnant starting at about 4 months and ending at about 7. At 8 months now I am soooo uncomfortable and ready to have this baby I could cry!!! I just hope it goes by fast, I am really trying to keep myself busy.

A Fun Slideshow