Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Back

OK I decided I didn't like having a private blog because I wasn't motivated to blog so I'm back! I've added alot of posts and there are more to come...I have alot of catching up to do! I hope you enjoy what I've done so far and I look forward to blogging again! YAY!

Raging Waters!!

So now that gas is so much I decided the best way to keep my kids busy this summer was to buy season passes to Raging Waters. They absolutely love it and so do I! I just sit in a chair in the shade and watch them have a blast, then we go to the lazy river before we head home. We had so much fun I talked my whole family into buying passes! So now my mom comes down with Kim, Boo, Todd, Sierra, Greg, Trevor, Ethan, Kate and Shawn and we all go together then they spend the night and we go the next day before they head home. My kids have really enjoyed spending time with grandma and cousins. There were to many pictures to post so I made a slide. Stay tuned for more....we go every week!

4th of July

Some of you no that 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. We go to Utah every year, but this year we couldn't because I am so prego! So this year we went to Todd and Kristen's house for a pool party. We all had a good time, but I have to say Ccalifornia just doesn't do the 4th like Utah does! I missed seeing all the flags up and down Center street, the parades, the carnivals and performers and fireworks! But we still had a great time at Todd and Kristen's house, thanks for saving our 4th of July!

All the guys decided to play a game of Waterball.
Chad and Mike fighting for the ball.
Brig, Chad and Mike
Paul loves the waterslide! He would just go down the slide and go under the water and pop up with a big smile on his face. He is such a water bug!!!
Joseph had a good time just relaxing in his water ring.

Joseph's pre-school graduation

On June 20th Joseph graduated from pre-school. I can't believe he is going to be in kindergarten this year...they grow up tooo fast! He was really cute performing his songs. These pictures aren't that great and I can't figure out how to download the video, but when I do I'll add it to the blog.

Joseph and his teacher Mrs Bandhari. He just loves her, she is so great!!

Joseph and the teachers helper Mrs Garcia. She was new but he loved her too.

Brigham's T-ball party

Brigham's T-ball team had a party at a place called "Pump it up" with bouncers and stuff. The kids had lots of fun jumping and playing games and then we went into one of the rooms for pizza cake and trophy's. Of course I didn't remember to pull outmy camera until we were in the back room...duh!
The cake..what a cute idea!

The pizza party

This is coach Kenny giving out trophy's.

Brig and one of his best buds Cooper.

Camping in Big Bear

In May we decided it would be fun to go camping in Big Bear. We invited Chad and my parents to come along and we all had a great time.

Family picture

Paul in front of the tent with his truck. That truck kept him busy the whole time!!

Chad and his boys Grant and Drew with my mom.

We decided to take the ski lift at Snow summit and eat lunch at the top. The kids loved the ride and the view was gorgeous! That is something everyone should try. I'd like to do it again soon.

Chad and his boys on the ski lift behind my mom and Greg.

Lunch at the top of the mountain.

After lunch we went fishing at Big Bear lake. We didn't have any luck with the fish, but the kids had a good time!
Brig just didn't want to leave until he caught a fish. We bribed him by telling him we's take him fishing later. Anyway we had a really great weekend!

A Fun Slideshow