Saturday, July 18, 2009

April Recap

Paul's Birthday!

We started April off by celebrating Paul's 3rd Birthday on April 3rd. We decided to keep it pretty low key and invite his pre-school age friends so they could have fun without the older kids picking on them ;) . Paul had a blast...I made peanut butter sandwich and fruit kabobs for lunch and we let the kids ride bikes in the culdesac. Then we played pin the tail on the donkey (which apparently is a super fun game when your 3) before bringing the party inside for cake, ice cream and presents!!

The kids (and Sue) eating lunch. Left to right:
Carter, Bryce, Paul, Greg, Mac, Isaac and Sue.

Paul and Bryce eating their peanut butter
sandwich and fruit kabobs!

Birthday boy riding his bike.

Paul and Savanah riding bikes!

Carter, Greg, Isaac and Paul showing off their bikes!

Pin the tail on the donkey!

Happy Birthday To Paul......

The birthday boy enjoying his cake!

Ben had a good time too!

He opened Grandma's present and then wanted
to go play so we saved the rest of the presents
for when daddy got home! :)

We did another little birthday party when daddy
and the boys got home so they didn't feel left out.

All the presents...YAY! A fun ending to a fun day!!

Our trip to Utah

We decided to take a trip to Utah to go to Melanie's baptism and I ended up staying for a week! We left on Friday and Mike flew home for work on Tuesday so we could stay for the rest of the week. The boys had spring break and we didn't want to go home and do nothing when we could stay in Utah and have some fun!!! We stayed with Aunt Dawn and Uncle Kevin for a couple days then went to stay with our good friends Sterling and Malinda Barnes for a couple days. We also spent a lot of time with my cousin Katie who was also visiting from CA. Here are some Pics.

The Davis, Barnes gang!! L to R: Joseph, Paul, Tessa,
Sydney, Abby and Brig. Boy's are Davis' girls are Barnes'. :)

Bowling with the Waldrons!

Looks like a strike!!! Go Brig!

My cute niece Sierra and my cute boys!!! :) Too
much cute for one picture!!

Nice form Joseph!

My cousin Autumn! What a BABE!!! ;)

Coloring Easter eggs at the Barnes' house.

Malinda and her girls....and Joseph.

My sweet baby Ben! I LOVE HIM!!!

What are these?!?!? We thought it was funny
that Ben was playing with

Mmmmm yummy! Now he found his toe's!!!

Too cute!

We picked up Torrey after our trip and I think
her and Brig were happy to see each other!

Wiped out!

A Fun Slideshow