Wednesday, August 12, 2009

May Update

So... May was full of days at the beach, swimming at the pool and goofing around. No major events (other than Memorial Day) so I only have a few fun photo's for May. Can't wait to get caught up so I can start updating weekly rather than trying to update a full year! I guess I kind-of have an excuse with having another baby and all....well here is May 09 for the Davis Family!

Cooking Dinner with mom! Who knew it could be so fun!?!?

I was making dinner one night and Paul was begging
me to let him help, so he washed his hands and had
a blast helping me!

Say cheese!

Don't play with other people's food! :)

I told him to hold up the spoon for a pic and this is
what I got! LOL! Too funny!

He even waited patiently by the oven so he
could take it out. I wish making dinner could
be as fun for me as it was for him!

Bake Sale! Mmmmmmm....

So my boys are getting to the age where they are constantly asking me to buy them stuff! I'm sorry but I just don't believe in giving kids everything they want. Even at a young age I think they need to learn to work for things. It is very important to me to raise my boys to be hard working and smart with their money. Some day they are going to have to provide for a family and I want them to learn at a good work ethic early in life. They kept begging me to buy them these crappy toy guns at a gas station down the street. I told them i wasn't going to buy them a toy that was going to be in the trash the next day, but if they wanted to work hard and earn the money themselves they could buy them. My plan was to teach them to save some money for missions/college, pay their tithing and then if they had enough they could buy their toy. So I told them I would bake some brownies and muffins and they could sell them and keep the money. They were so excited! They started making signs and helped me wrap up the baked goods.
Here are some picture!

Show me the $$$$

Who could pass up such cute little boys? Not many
did actually. They were pretty good little salesmen!

Don't forget Paul! He waved this little mangled loaf of
banana bread around the whole time....nobody
ended up buying it (wonder why) so I let him eat it!
He did sell a few brownies though :)

They sure weren't shy...they had one car after
another drive past, then turn around and buy
something. They were so excited, it was really

They earned $17.00 and were so excited! It was definitely worth the day of baking when I saw how proud they were of themselves :)

Life through he eyes of Baby Ben ...

Baby Ben just loves taking baths (in the sink)
so I try to take as many pictures of him as I can.

What's this cool stuff!! It's like I'm not even
touching something...but I am!?!? Ha!Ha! I love
seeing the world through his eyes! :)

He just kept trying to crab it! It was soooo funny!
All the boys were standing around laughing at him...
which only made him laugh harder!

Oceanside with the Davis Family :)

Brig gettin' his feet wet!

Joseph gettin' his feet wet!

Catching sand crabs

Paul loves playing in the sand!

Uncle Grant and Uncle Brent being silly!

Brigham is getting pretty good at boogie boarding!

Brett and Liam gettin' their feet wet!

Ben kissin' on his Daddy...too cute!

Mommy, Daddy and Ben enjoying the beautiful
weather at the beach!

The whole group...that's alot of Davis'

Joseph had fun flying the kite...

And Paul had fun running from the waves!

Thanks for inviting us Brett and Audra...we had fun!

Memorial Day at Todd and Kristen's house

Me Todd and and a bunch of kids!

Todd, Noah and Mac chillin' in the
hot tub

Noah is pretty brave

Cute little Sydney

The men all played a game of b-ball before jumping
in the pool to cool off!

Poor Paul fell and got a nasty fat lip :(

Ben and Daddy enjoying the can tell
Ben is getting tired cause he's sucking his finger's :)

Ben, daddy and Brig.

Thanks for inviting us over Todd and Kristen, we always have so much fun at your house!

Kathy's surprise Party

My good friend Heathers McMullin's mom, Kathy had a surprise birthday party on a dinner cruise at Newport. It was lot's of fun and the food was GRUB!!! We went on top of the boat and took a few pics. This was a fun date night :)

Mike and I enjoying the view

Cade and Heather snuggling up :)

The Chang family: Sue Isaac, Jeff and Kayla

***And that concludes my May update...Yay!!! On to June....***

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