Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas

Family Slideshow

Here are some pictures from our family photo shoot. Our good friend Shawna Banagas (Krepps) took us to Yorba Regional Park and did an amazing job photographing our family. I was so afraid that none of the pictures were going to turn out because the boys were being...well...boys!! But Shawna worked her magic and somehow got some good shots! I can't decide if I like them better in black and white or color so please leave your comments and let me know what you like. The slideshow has some of the black and white and the next post shows them in color. Thank you Shawna... You're Great!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Family Photo Shoot

Christmas Letter 2007

We can’t believe another year has come and gone, time really does fly when your having fun!. This year has been another great year for our little family. Since our move to Glendora we have been able to spend a lot more time as a family, which has been wonderful. We spent most of our summer camping and riding bikes at the beach or around town. We took two trips to Utah for family reunions and in April went on a camping trip to Big Sur, which was beautiful. Here is a quick Davis family update.

Brigham had a pretty exciting year with sports and school. He played Tee ball again and decided he really loves sliding into every base. We got a kick out of watching it! He started kindergarten in September and really loves it. He is learning so much and enjoys being so independent. He loves camping and watching Man vs. Wild, he is very resourceful and attempts a lot of the things that he has learned on that show. We think it’s great that he is learning how to survive in the wilderness, but sometimes get frustrated when he tears up the backyard so he can make shelter in case it rains, or pulls all the branches off the trees in an attempt to make a campfire (the list goes on and on). He is growing so fast and is always telling us that he is almost a “man“. He says that “when he grows up he is going to be a daddy with a honey and he is gonna be a rock star“. We pray he’ll outgrow the rock star part.

Joseph has enjoyed pre-school this year and is doing very well. His teacher says he is a real sweetheart and loves to participate in all the classroom activities. Joseph loves cars, trucks, tractors, fire engines and basically anything with a motor. He is very imaginative, if we give him a few cars and an area to play with them he will entertain himself for hours! Joseph loves being Brigham’s sidekick and tries to do everything Brig does. Together they can thrash the house in about 4.5 seconds! Joseph enjoys going to Gavalin Hills where he and Brigham get to explore for hours. He is such a sweet boy and loves to share with everyone around him. His favorite thing to do is climb into mommy and daddy’s bed early in the morning and snuggle. Joseph looks forward to starting kindergarten in the fall.

Paul has had the busiest year of all. We don’t really know what he has been doing, but he is always busy!!! We can hardly keep up with him. He definitely wears the pants in the family (or at least he thinks he does). He loves to wrestle and play fight with his brothers and more often than not he wins! He has learned self defense at a very young age. Paul loves Curious George, which has confirmed our suspicions that he is a monkey! Brigham and Joseph just love Paul. They take him on all of their backyard adventures and often use him as a guinea pig for the their many “experiments. Paul thinks he is about 5 years old and can do everything his brothers do. He has a great sense of humor and thinks he’s a comedian. We usually just sit back and laugh.

I (Summer) stay very busy taking care of the boys all day. Between taking them to school and back, helping with homework, chasing a 20 month old around, going to playgroup and trying to keep up with the house I rarely find time to relax(I know all you mom‘s can relate). In April I took a much needed trip to Utah for BYU Women’s Conference with my sister. We really enjoyed all of the speakers and the spirit we felt while we were there. I came home rejuvenated and ready to be mom again. I have decided I am going to attend Women’s Conference every year. I enjoy aerobics and started teaching an aerobics class for the women in our ward. I have been studying to take the AFAA test to become a certified aerobics instructor. I love being a mom and watching our boys discover the world. I love taking them on little adventures and watching the joy and excitement in their eyes as they discover new things. I am amazed and overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and energy! I also love being a wife and treasure date night with my HOT hubby ! I feel very blessed to have such a great husband and 3 wonderful children.

Michael has had a great year. He stays busy at work and enjoys his shorter commute to the office. This is his 6th years at Fresh Air and is lucky enough to love his job. He has really appreciated living closer to the office because it has given him the opportunity to spend more time at home. He has been able to participate in all kinds of activities with the boys and we have a lot more time as a family. He has also spent a lot of time fixing up the house and finally finished the backyard in July. Mike enjoyed his annual fishing trip with my dad and brothers and his annual deer hunting trip with his uncle Val and brother in law Brent. He didn’t get a deer this year, but still had a great time trying. The kids had a bad case of the flu while he was gone so luckily he didn’t have to deal with that this year - guess who did??

We are so grateful for this time of year when we get to celebrate the birth and the life of our Savior and reflect upon the blessings we have received throughout the year. We enjoy the opportunity this holiday season gives us to catch up with friends and family we don’t get to see as often as we would like. We are grateful for you, our family members and friends, and hope and pray that this letter finds each of you healthy and happy and may our Heavenly Father bless you and your family with a wonderful 2008.

Michael, Summer,
Brigham, Joseph and Paul Davis

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Tired, Leave me Alone!!!

If you want a good laugh watch this video.

When we got home from church today Paul was pretty tired. We were feeding him lunch and he was falling asleep while eating his PB&J. Since I am such a great dad I went and got the video camera and decided to mess with him a little. My favorite part is when he hits the camera. We were laughing so hard at this that I thought we should share it with all of you. By the way; we did put him to bed after this little bit of torture.

*Remember to pause the music before you watch the video*

A Fun Slideshow