Thursday, March 11, 2010

August update...

Well we had a great summer full of park days, AMC free movie Tuesdays, Castle Park, the beach, Chuck E Cheese, movies in the park and family vacations! Things finally started to settle down as we got the kids all ready for school. Here are some fun pictures of the boys just hangin out helping mommy make cookies and then just being silly on the couch with baby Ben.

They thought it was really cool that they got to crack the eggs open :) Fun for them....but mommy had to do some digging to find the little pieces of egg shells.

Next the flour...

And everyone's favorite part...licking the spoons...mixers...bowl...etc :P

But Pauls favorite part was mixing in the chocolate chips...although he spent a lot of his time EATING the chocolate chips!

After we ate some yummy cookies the boys were all snuggling on the couch watching a movie when Ben started being really silly and everyone burst out laughing! I had to take pics!

Happy boy....

being silly!

Benny and Brig playing together...

Ben and Joseph....

Ben and Paul....he was just lovin' the case you couldn't tell :)

I just love my boys and I love that they love each other!!! I hope they are always close.

The first day of the 2009-2010 school year!

Brigham's first day of 2nd grade

Joseph's first day of 1st grade

and Paul just didn't want to be left out ;)

Handsome boys on their first day of school!

This was Paul's first day of Preschool...I let him pick out his outfit so he would feel like a big kid. I put the hat on him because just days before school started he took scissors to his hair and we had to shave him bald (almost)!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

July update

I'm going to try to get caught up on my blog as quickly as possible seeing as how it is March and I'm posting about July!!! So I'm just going to skim through the next 8 months so I can start blogging about current events!

July was lots of fun! We had our trip to Utah for the 4th of July and then Josephs 7th Birthday are a few photo's!

Love these woman!!! I remember my first visit to the cabin 10 years ago I just fell in love with Mike's family. Each one of these woman have blessed my life one way or another!
Left to right: Aunt Lisa, Aunt Jeri, Aunt Nancy and Aunt Barbara.

One of the funnest things about going to the cabin is just chillin with the fam and getting to know everyone better. Uncle Wayne is famous for playing his guitar and singing. Here are some of the guys playin around with their guitars...while they play everyone else kind of joins in here or there when they play a song you know.

My favorite activity is the lip sync! This year we did the song "I need a hero" from flashdance! I was the lead singer and we dressed each one of the boys up like hero's. I have to admit I made a bigger fool of myself this year than all of the last 10 years put together...I am still embarrassed!

We got bandannas that said Jackson Family Reunion on themand as you can see Paul felt like a real tough guy! :)

More proof!

Paul and his buddy Benjamin! (Mike's cousin's little boy) These boys had fun playing together the whole weekend!

Now you know why we call him sly! When Ben laughs or cries he's got Sylvester Stallone's mouth :) hehe! He was crying here cause he wanted more ice cream! Daddy was trying to make him feel better...

Me and my honey :)

We did a little more fishing at Kusharem lake near the cabin....

and this is what we caught!!!

We always end the week by attending the ward that Mike's grandparents grew up in. It's always a great meeting because a lot of the family members get up to bear their testimonies. We always take a family picture right after here we are....the Mike Davis Clan!

I loved this picture I captured of Joseph...he is such a handsome boy!

I loved this one of Mike and Ben too! Aren't my men just so handsome!

After church we visit the family cemetery. A lot of Mike's ancestors are buried here. His grandma Jackson passed away the year before so this was the first time we visited her grave as a family. She is buried right next to his grandpa Jackson.

July 11th... Josephs Birthday!

Joseph turned 6 on July 11, 2009. We had a really fun pool party for him and uncle Todd's house with all of his cousins! Here he is with his homemade "Star Wars" cake and his buddies! Left to right: Shaun, Brig, Joseph, Paul and Bryce!

Me and my big boy! ( we did add the 6th candle when we lit the cake :)

Here is the happiest baby ever!!! Our super fun Bennie boy! Look and the joy on his sweet little face!

He had so much fun splashing in the water!

Joseph with more of his cousins and grandma Thompson.

Sydney and Ben grubbin on the birthday cake they had so much fun shoveling cake in their mouths...we were all laughing at them! What a mess!

Happy boy!

Cousins, aunts and uncles! We have so much fun together!

Paul has no fear! He had a blast on that slide...we had to drag him home :)

What a fun month!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some fishing videos from June...

Here are a few videos from our fishing trip in June. The first one is our 3 year old Paul catching his first fish! You can hearBen crying in the videos...but he actually had a really great time...he just got mad when i put him down to pick up the camera! :)

This one was Brigs first catch of the day! Certainly not his first catch ever...this kids a pro...he's been fishing since he was two :)

Josephs big catch! He's getting to be quite the fisherman too!

Even daddy got to have a little fun!

A Fun Slideshow