Monday, September 7, 2009

June update...

My munchkins....
June 3rd

Sometimes when I have alot of work to do I will
put Ben in the boys room and have them play with
him until I'm done. Well I put him down and about
5 minutes later I just hear a roar of laughter, giggles
and squeals coming from their room. I went in to
find Ben trying so hard to be silly and funny so that
his brothers would laugh at him! Every time he
did some thing funny the big boys would start lauughing
and Ben would be so proud of himself he would let out a
squeal! It was sooo cute I just couldn't resist taking
pictures! I love that my boys love to play together!

Silly boy! They learn so young how fun it is to
be the center of attention :)

Everyone loves our little Benny!

Ben wore these kids out! They had so much fun
that it only took a few minutes after I took Ben
out of the room for them to fall asleep. That
NEVER happens! I guess I should do it more often!

Ben was still wide awake and happy as can be,
so I gave him a bath. He decided he wasn't done
being silly so I got the camera out again!

He was starting to fade after a while....


and out!!! He slept soundly the rest of the night!

We just love this boy! What a blessing baby's
are...they bring so much love and joy with them
when they come.
Brigham's 1st grade end of the year Field Trip
June 4th

For Brigs end of the year field trip we walked
the kids down to a restaurant call The Peppertree
Cafe. They got to have breakfast and use the
manners they have been learning. It was really
fun. I was able to go and be a chaperone which
which was fun for both Brig and I. It was nice
to see him being respectful to the servers and
teachers and interacting with his friends.

Brig with his teacher Mrs. Lotz

Yummy!! They served eggs bacon and pancakes!

Brig with some of his classmates.

Walking back to the school with full bellies!

I thought that since I was already at the school
I would get a shot of Joseph with the kids in his
class. He's the one with the hood on.

And summertime begin....

Summertime for us is just a three month party! I am usually out taking the kids from one excited place to another. Here are just a few pictures of some of the fun things we did in June after school let out.

Chuck E Cheese
June 12

I can't tell you how many times we went to Riverside
to meet grandma Thompson at Chuck E Cheese.
Here is a picture of her with the kids and some
cousins. It was nice because the kids could run
and play while I visited with my mom. Happy kids +
happy mom + a great time!!

Me and Ben at Chuck E Cheese!

Ben was so good all summer! He spent so much
time in his watching all the kids running circles
around him. What a good sport!

Race tracks
June 12

Mike and I decided to try something new for
our date night so we went to the race track...
it was soooo much fun!

I let Mike beat me :) but I still had a blast!

The Beach
June 17

We went to the beach quite a bit this year because
we didn't get our Raging Waters passes this year.
Here are the kids at Corona Del Mar with grandma.

Castle Park
June 18

Although we didn't get season passes to Raging
Waters we did get them for Castle Park. We went
about once a week the whole summer. We met
Aunt Jaime there with all the cousins and the kids
thought they were at Disneyland !! :) This time all
the kids were on the Big kid rides so I just hung out
with Paul and took picture! He had a blast!

Here is Paul with Kara Thompson. While all the
big kids were playing together, these two were
having a blast!

The motorcycles were his favorite!

The Park
June 23

We spent alot of time playing on the playground
of Williams Elementary School. The kids were so
sad to hear it was closing and that they had to go
to another school. Williams is just around the corner
from our house so we go and play there a lot. It will
be interesting to see what is done with it once it is
closed. Here are the kids playing on the playground!

Cute boys! They all wanted me to take pictures
of them so I went a little crazy with the camera :)

They started climbing in the tree's and I got lots
of cute pictures......

Brig 7 years old

Handsome kid

Joseph is our little sweatheart...

and such a cute kid! 5...almost 6 years old

Paul is a sweatheart too, but this kid has a wild
side (just like his momma)

He looks innocent, but let him lose and watch out!
Ha! Ha! We love our little Paulie!

3 years old

He wanted a picture in the trees too!

Here is my little ham! This kid was giving me
every face he could think of! He was having a
great time playing with mommy and that black
thing in my hand that kept flashing at him! He is
9 months old in these pictures.

The "You know I'm cute" face.

The "I'm so happy I could just stick my tongue
out" face. This is one we see often :P

The "what are you doing mommy?" face

The "I'm getting tired" face. Those fingers go
straight into his mouth when he gets sleepy...
I think it is adorable. Especially when you can
see the smile behind the fingers :)

The "mommy you crack me up" face. One
of my favorites! Again one we see often!

The "I know I'm being so cute" face. Ben has
just brought so much laughter into our home and
we are all so greatful that Heavenly father sent
this sweet little spirit into our family! Brigham
said it perfectly when he said "Mom we must have
been really good and Heavenly Father must love
us alot to send OUR FAMILY the cutest baby".
The only thing I had to add the that is...that "You
mean to send us the 4 cutest babies!" :) We have
been blessed with amazing kids!

Our trip to Utah
started June 26th

Every year for the 4th of July we go to the Jackson (Mikes moms side) Family Reunion in Bicknell, UT. We decided to leave a little early this year and go to the Mormon Miracle Pageant at the Manti Temple because Mike and the boys had never seen it. Here is a recap of our Utah trip :)

St George, Utah

On our way to Bicknell we decided to stop off in
St. George and visit our good friends Jason and
Trisha Hemphill. They took us to this water park
to cool off and the boys had a great time! We
had such a fun time visiting them and getting
to know their kids! Here is a picture of their
oldest, Taylor with Brigham and Joseph.

Joseph, Ben and Paul having fun together!

Paul and Ben ~ splashin' away! They love the water!

The happiest baby EVER ~ no... seriously!

A proud papa and his boys! After our short
visit with the Hemphills we were off to the
Manti Pageant!

The Mormon Miracle Pageant at the Manti Temple
June 26

Here is the beautiful Manti Temple! I love this
Temple. Every year they do this pageant and it
is so amazing!! If you have never been...GO! It is
such an awesome experience. My boys loved it
and they still talk about it. I've seen it three times
and every time I love it more!

Mike, Ben and Paul waiting for the pageant to start.

Sterling and Malinda Barnes met up with us at
the Manti Pageant and the boys just loved
having friends to enjoy the show with! I wish I
took more pictures!

The Waterfall at Capital Reef
June 27

So we talked Sterling an Malinda into coming
to the Cabin with us and we are so glad they did!
We had such a good time playing games and
showing them around Capital Reef! We love
the waterfall at Capital Reef so we decided to
take them there and let the kids play. While
we were there Sterling took Mike and the kid
on a little rock climbing adventure!

This is a picture of Sterling, Sydney and Brigham.

Abby, Joseph and Brig playing in the water.

Ben and Daddy at the falls.

Brig was making me very nervous by jumping
off the rocks and into the water. He was having
a great time though :)

We went to Fruita park where we ate lunch
with the Deer...

...and the kids just followed those deer around
for a long time!

A quick family picture on the bridge above the creek.
A great ending to a great day :)

A Day of Fishing at Otter Creek
June 29th

BEDHEAD!!! Ben and daddy just woke up and
were getting ready for our fun day of fishing...
I had to take a picture!

7 am and ready to start fishing!!! We rented
this little boat to go out on the lake with.

On our way out to "our spot".

About 2 minutes after Brig threw his line out
he caught this monster!

First catch of the day!

Then Paul got a bite....

and he caught a big one too!

This was Paul's fish, we had Brig
hold it up because Paul was scared
of it! Ha! Ha!

In between baiting everybody's
line and helping the boys reeling in
their fish...Daddy got to catch one too!

The fish just didn't stop coming! Here
is Joseph with his first catch of the day!

Caught another one!

We put a blanket on the bottom of
the boat and let Ben play. He did
so much better than I expected!

What a BITE! Brig has become quite the fisherman!!

...and another...

he just couldn't get enough!

The boys were taking pictures of all the fish
we caught on our way back to the dock.

Paul and Daddy driving the boat.

Ben was so cute...I was worried he was going to
scream when I put on his life jacket, but he was
having so much fun he didn't even notice!

All my men...being men!

Me and my boys showing off our fish!

Ben taking a bath after a long day of fishing!

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