Friday, June 5, 2009

February Recap ~ Baseball!!

February was full of baseball!!! Brigham was in Farm this year on the Rangers and Joseph was in T-ball on the Angels. They both did really well and we are very proud to have such athletic boys. They were pretty good sports for the most part and they really enjoyed being part of their teams. Here are a few pictures of Joseph and I will post pictures of Brigham later. His pictures are on our other camera so I need to download them and my scanner is broken at the moment so once I can scan the team pictures I will post those too.

What a cute little catcher!

Gettin' ready for the action!!

Waiting his turn to bat

Good Hit!

Thumbs up...he's on base woo hoo!

The coach was asking him where he goes next
and he's pointing to second. His coach is a
teacher and is soooo good with kids! He was an
amazing coach!

Running to second

Running in to home! Score!!!

Joseph Davis #6

You did great this season Joseph...I'm so proud of you!!!

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