Tuesday, March 15, 2011

4th of July (Getting back on track.....for real this time)

I really am setting a new goal to start blogging again in 2011. This last year was a whirlwind, but I am recuperating and getting used to be the mother of 4 boys (after 2 years :) I realized that it was after Ben was born that I stopped blogging, but he is 2 years old now ( I can't believe it...wish I could push pause) and I am finally starting to feel like I have a little time on my hands again to do the things I enjoy doing. I've given up on trying to "catch up" on my blog! I said I have a "little" time....not enough to make up the last year, but I am going to try (try being the key word) to keep up with my blog again. Here are some pictures from the last few months. Enjoy!

A few highlights from our Utah trip in July

The drive up...quiet at last!

Beautiful scenery.....beautiful boy!

My SIL Emily...whatta doll :)

My SIL Lara on the right and.....Cousins!!!

We all thought it would be fun to see Eclipse together....
funny is more like it!! These guys couldn't stop crackin'
jokes the whole movie....they were just jealous ;)

Every year we have a work party....here are some
of the gals (and Joseph) painting the porch.

The boys (and Christina) workin' hard!

What a kissy boy!!! (I was talking about Ben)
Given his uncle Paul some love :)

Love this boy...Paul can't get enough of the cabin!

One of my favorite parts of the reunion ~
THE LIP SYNC!!! I need to post the pics of our
lip sync! Here are the Kalama and Taylor families....

....and the Broby's! Can't post em' all it'd take all night!

Gotta love the dessert after the lip sync!

I LOVE this chunky little monkey!!! He is such a
snuggler! I've been wanting to catch this little face
he makes on camera forever! Thanks Grant!

Before the haircut.....

...and after!!!! Yes! That is the same kid....what a
difference a haircut makes! Love those curls! Such
a cute boy!

I HATE this picture of me, but am willing to
post it because I LOVE my in-laws so much!!!
I am SO BLESSED to be a part of this family!

Had to post this picture of Lara because she
looks so beautiful!!!!

My big boy! Gosh it seems like just last year
we were bringing him up as a baby!!! Time just
flies....where is the pause button???

These boys have so much fun together! You
should have seen them rolling around like a bunch
of bear cubs!

The best mother in law a girl could ask for!!!

Here are a few family pictures my brother in law
Grant took for us...thanks Grant!!!

This is such a gorgeous spot, we just had to stop
and take a picture! This was at 6am and I was
really wishing we had time to stop and take some
more family pictures, but we were on our way
to the 4th of July parade in Provo!

We love to watch the parade from my parents
rental home on Center Street. The parade
goes right past it, so we always have great seats :)

Love this picture that my sister Kim took!
It's it's pretty hard to get a good picture
when you have 4 boys....so when it does
happen I just cherish them. I am so blessed
to have such amazing boys in my life! (inc Mike :)

They had a blast playing in the Provo river up
Provo canyon...it was beautiful there!

We decided to take the boys up to
the Salt Lake temple before Mike
had to go back home....isn't it gorgeous!

They had a great time!

Mike had to get back to work so he headed home
and I stayed in Utah with the boys and my niece
Sierra for about a week. I snapped this picture of
Joseph at Veterans park right before a lifeguard
told me no cameras were aloud...lame! Anyway,
the boys had fun on all the water slides and we even
made it back for a 2nd trip before we headed home
later in the week!

We stayed with a friend of Tara's (which was a bit
of an adventure). We didn't want to disturb them
so we went out to my car and watched a movie
until the boys settled down.

Poor little Paulie!!!! This was an unexpected trip
...on our trip :) We were in Park City shopping at
the outlets and the kids were getting really tired of
shopping (and I was getting tired of shopping with
the kids) so I asked Sierra if she could watch the
boys on the playground while I paid for my stuff.
About 5 minutes later we get a call from Sierra
saying Paul broke his arm....I did not expect to see
what I came upon at the park!!! It was so bad!!!
His little arm was just mangled...

He was such a trooper! This did not set us back at
all! He was up and ready to go the very next day!
In fact In the hotel room the next morning I had
to scold him for jumping from one bed to the other!

If you know me, you know I love a good time!
And I love seeing my kids have a good time, so
I just didn't have it in me to make Paul sit and
watch all the other kids swim. I decided to
saran wrap his arm, put a plastic bag over it and
then put floaties over the bag :) It worked pretty
well, so we used this ALL SUMMER LONG! It
was a pain, but Paul still had a fun summer :D

Testing the water......

He decided he HAD to swim under water...so
we made it work. This was the day after he
broke it!

A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do!

After leaving Park City we went to Provo to see
uncle Paul and stay with some friends of ours
(thanks Megan!). We decided it would be fun to
go bowling with Paul....

and we were right!

We ALL had a great time!

After we hung out with Paul for a while I took
the boys on a tour of BYU! They loved it, they
kept telling me they couldn't wait to go to BYU!
I heard about this dinosaur museum....and what
boy doesn't just LOVE dinosaurs....even if they
are dead!

This was our favorite one! It was actually really
neat (and it was free). If you live in Provo and have
never been you should go...my boys still talk about
how cool it was!

We tried to fit as much fun (free) stuff in as we
could before we had to go home, so I took the boys
and Sierra to an outdoor movie at BYU. We saw
planet 51.

We were having a great time, the weather was
great and the boys were loving the movie, then
about 20 minutes before the movie ended....

It started POURING! Not just a little A LOT!!!
But we still had a good time! It was a fun little
adventure at the end of our trip :) We headed
home the next day. I just LOVE going on vacation
to Utah!!!

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