Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drive in and Raging waters 2010 ~ July 9th

So we didn't waste ANY time after coming home from our trip......we just kept the fun going! We the day after we got home we decided to go to Riverside and go to the drive in movies. The kids had SO much fun! We saw the movie Despicable Me. The kids really liked it, but I didn't get to really watch it because I was chasing Ben half the night ;)

Joseph, Ben and Brig in the back of the Suburban

Paul found a cozy seat...Ben's car seat!


These boys wore themselves out!

We brought some of the cousins home with us so we could all
go to Raging Waters the next day! So this is what I woke up to :)

Love these kids!!!

Joseph showing off his missing teeth

Bryce and Paul had a blast playing together on the kiddie waterslides!

As you can see...we did not let Paul's cast get in the
way of us having a great time!

WAAAAHOOOOO! (love the tongue sticking out)

My niece and nephew Sydney and Bryce...aren't they adorable!?!

What!?!? Did someone say ADORABLE!?!? I'm right here! ;)
This boy had so much fun splashing in the water and going on the
slides with his brothers. He is definitely a little fish!

And as you can see he wore himself out!
This was when mommy FINALLY got to relax.....

I was so impressed that Paul was such a good sport! He NEVER complained about his cast... and that thing was heavy! I put a towel around it, then put plastic wrap around it, thenput a plastic bag on it, then put floaties on it and finally I put a tube around his waist for him to rest it on while he was swimming just to MAKE SURE it wouldn't go under :D I think his arm weighed more than he did!

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