Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Puppy love!

So way back in October our dog had puppies! It was SUCH a stressful week for me because Torrey (our dog) has never been a mommy and I have never had a dog that had puppies so we were BOTH pretty clueless. I'm sad to say that of the 5 puppies only 2 lived :( It was really sad and hard to deal with but as you can see the 2 that survived are just SO cute! The one we kept is on the left and we named her Kenzie. We were really concerned about finding a home for the other puppy but luckily our neighbor (a dog lover) was looking for a puppy! It worked out great! I'll have to post some more recent pictures of the puppy but these pictures are SOOOO cute! Mike and I were playing around with the camera and got some pretty cute shots!

I love that you can see the protective
little mommy behind her :)

Aren't they just adorable!?!
Here are a few of them when they were born!

The boys just could not get enough of these puppies so I grabbed
my camera one day while the big boys were at school and
got a couple shots of the little boys with the puppies! I could not get
them to put the puppies down, they just wanted to hold them all day! So cute...

Puppies are fun but they sure are alot of work! :)

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