Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joseph's Birthday Party July 16th

Josephs Birthday is July 11th (7-11 easy to remember) and that was the same week we got home from our big Utah trip. I just didn't have it in me to throw a big party.... so when Joseph told me that all he wanted was a Chuck E Cheese party I was probably as excited as he was ;) No cleaning the house first, no dishes, no mess! All I had to do was send out an email letting everyone know about it, and show up! This was just what I needed and just what Joseph wanted so it worked out for both of us!

It was so fun to see the excitement in Joseph's eyes when we got to Chuck E Cheese and HE got to be the center of attention for a few hours. Being the "middle child", Joseph sometimes gets overshadowed by his "show off" big brother and his "cute" little baby brothers, so I was happy to see him get the spotlight for a little while. Joseph is such a sweetheart and tries so hard to make sure everyone else is happy so it was great to see him enjoy his special day!

Joseph LOVES his grandmas and is lucky to live close to both of them. It was fun for him to have both of them at his party!

I can't believe he is 7 already!

This was the reason Joseph wanted to have his birthday at Chuck E Cheese. They have been advertising this little machine on TV for months now! He was really excited to finally get his turn in the "ticketblaster"!

He had to try and grab as many tickets as he could while the tickets were blowing all around him.

We all had fun watching him have such a great time!

After the ticketblaster we all sang Happy Birthday to Joseph!

Make a wish....

I love this picture of Joseph and his cousin Bryce. These two are best buddies! You can tell how excited they are just to be together!

Just a few of his gifts.....

And here is the whole group (minus the kids that we couldn't tear away from games)

Being silly!

Ben TRULY enjoyed the birthday cake! Apparently he thought the cake was more fun than the games :D

Gotta love this face!

Brig was so disappointed when he realized he wasn't in any of the pictures that he asked if we would take one of him and Joseph "so that Joseph would know that he was at his party", and Joseph was just happy that Brig wanted to take a picture with him ;)

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