Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Pictures

After we had Brigham, Mike and I decided to have family pictures taken every year so that we could look back and see how much our kids have grown . I am SO glad we have followed through with this because I LOVE being able to see each stage in their brings back such GREAT memories! It makes me sad that these years are flying by too fast! I just know I am going to be one of those people that watches old home videos and looks through scrapbooks and CRIES!!! I wish I could just push pause! But I can't so the next best thing is capturing these sweet moments in a picture and journaling about them. Here are a few pictures from our last photo session. We went to a train museum near our house and the kids had a BLAST!

It's pretty impossible to get everyone to look at
the same time, but we sure got close! ;)

Brigham age 9

Joseph age 7

Paul age 4

and Bennie Boy! Age 2

He is just precious....

and I'll end this post with my favorite family photo!


Christine said...

Your so good. I am bad about getting our family pictures done regularly! These turned out great!

Anne Marie said...

I feel the exact same way! I hate the stress of getting ready and the hope that they will turn out good, but I love the reward of some really fun memories! Love them all! And your new look for the blog :)

Summer said...

Thanks! I have about 10 posts I'm working on but I am determined to get caught up again :)

Cherie said...

So cute Summer!!

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